Universal Life Energy

Reiki is a gentle and soothing treatment which can help everyone, depending on their needs at the time.  The practitioner channels Energy which the body will use as needed, be it physically or emotionally. It is a Holistic Therapy that brings a positive outlook and a feeling of peace to short and long term conditions.

Reiki is a comforting treatment which will help you to cope with life’s everyday challenges.

Holistic - treating the whole of someone

Much research has been undertaken and Reiki is now recognised by The Complimentary Health Council and therefore the NHS.

The relaxing nature of Reiki means that it can simply provide a feeling of calm and and peace.

It carries benefits for everyday complaints such as anxiety and sleep disturbances.

It is widely used to help people with serious illness and also the bereaved.

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I am passionate about Reiki and the benefits that it brings.  I received my Reiki Master Certificate from The Reiki Academy in Barnes in April 2018.

My belief is that Reiki taps into the positive Energy of The Universe which has always been there but we have lost touch with in modern times. 

I strongly believe that an hour of deep rest, with no expectations and nothing to do, can be immensely restorative.